When Generating Assets, Always Click Both!

Google has redesigned the entire experience of authorizing access to your Google Drive account. This is unfortunately causing some users to encounter an error. We’re working on implementing a fix, but until then, we wanted to update you on how to avoid any problems.

What do you need to do?
When you first go to generate your marketing assets in Ceemo, Google will ask for permission to allow Ceemo to access your Google Drive. This screen will now look different and — most importantly — require an extra step of authorization.

In the original Google API permissions screen, all you had to do was click one simple button to approve access.

But now, the very first time you approve Ceemo’s access, you need to take an extra step. Please make sure you check “Select All”! Ceemo requires these two specific API permissions in order to deposit your customized marketing assets into your Google Drive account.

If you just keep clicking “Continue” without checking both boxes, your marketing asset will fail to generate. If that happens, please go back to your Asset Library & try again. If you see the checkbox screen again, please make sure to click “Select All”.

We’ve heard from some users that the second time they try to generate an asset, Google won’t even show the check boxes at all! Instead they’re able to hit “continue” and the assets generate just fine, as if they’d checked the boxes already. (Even if they hadn’t. So strange!) So if you try again & the checkboxes don’t appear, you should be all set.

Can we improve this in the future? Rest assured, we’re trying our best & will be implementing an update to the app as soon as possible. Those updates will include:

  • Clearer instructions about checking both boxes.
  • An automated permissions check immediately after the authorization process.
  • Clear & immediate notifications of post-authorization failure with instructions on how to correct it.
  • An in-app link to Ceemo’s Google API Information Page.

Where can I learn more about how & why Ceemo accesses my Google Drive? It’s all on that handy Google API Information Page we mentioned! Not many people know this, but any apps that integrate with Google’s restricted APIs have to go through a testing & approval process. Since we required access to a user’s entire google drive, that meant we had to go through one of their most stringent testing protocols. Our code was not only reviewed by Google, it was also independently tested through what’s known as CASA Tier 2 Verification. (You can read more about Google’s security protocols here.) Google independently verified that our software does exactly what we say it does: only depositing marketing assets into your drive without accessing anything else. If you want to learn more about that testing process, how we interact with your account, and all that good stuff, just click the button below!

Our deepest apologies to everyone who ran into this error! As always, if you ever need support please contact us! Our team is always happy to help.