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how & why we use your

Google Drive

An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot, flying through space to deliver your new pitch deck!

How Does Ceemo Utilize Google?

As you explore the new Ceemo app, you’ll be asked to allow Ceemo to access your Google Drive. We thought we’d take a moment to explain why we do this, what information we’ll be accessing, and for how long.

Before we dive into all that, let’s start at the very beginning and explain precisely what Ceemo is and how it’s designed to help you & your startup!

An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot, flying through space to deliver your new pitch deck!
An adorable illustration of the Ceemo robot encapsulated in a bubble, holding in one hand a paint palette filled with rainbow paint colors, and a paint brush in the other.

Meet Ceemo

At Ceemo, a simple personality quiz is all it takes to generate a custom, data-backed brand kit for your startup, complete with:

  • A simple typographic logo
  • A full color scheme
  • An open-source font suite
  • A unique company identity

Your brand is created using our proprietary algorithms based on Crunchbase market data, psychology, and color theory. Best of all, every brand we generate is fully WCAG & ADA compliant!

The magic doesn’t stop there! Once your brand has been created, Ceemo automatically applies your fonts & colors to a suite of marketing material templates. We’re launching with Pitch Decks, but will soon be adding things like executive one-pagers, letterhead, business cards, social media templates, and more.

Generating your marketing materials is why we need your Google authentication!

An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot and his two dog friends, appearing on your desktop monitor, having a Zoom meeting with you!

What Information Do We Access?

When you’re ready to create new marketing materials, you access your Ceemo Asset Library & choose whichever template you’d like. Let’s say you want to create a new presentation-style pitch deck. You select that template in your library and click on “New Copy“.

At that moment, we will ask you to authenticate your Google Account to grant Ceemo access to your Drive. When you grant us access, Ceemo takes three key steps:

    • Ceemo finds the correct master template within our Google Account.
    • Ceemo modifies the design elements to match your branding & logo.
    • Ceemo copies the new pitch deck into your Google account.

    That’s it! We’re simply copying marketing templates from our account to yours. We don’t access any of your existing files at all.

    An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot and his two dog friends, appearing on your desktop monitor, having a Zoom meeting with you!
    An illustration of Ceemo, checking out a file in his database, which is projected up from his left hand.

    How Long Can Ceemo Access My Google Account?

    As soon as Ceemo has copied that new requested template into your Google Drive, Ceemo disconnects from your Google account and all access is revoked. 

    It’s that simple. The only trade off is that each time you want to create a new marketing template, you’ll need to grant us temporary access again, so we can repeat that create/design/copy process.

    We realize having to grant access over and over might be a little annoying, and we’re sorry about that! But we hope you’ll agree that minor annoyance is worth it, if it means erring on the side of trust & security. As founders ourselves, we know how much of our own startup’s IP lives within our Google accounts! We understand that you’re placing significant trust in us each time you authenticate your account. We appreciate that and we feel the best way to honor that trust is to ensure access is always temporary. We hope you’ll agree and pardon the occasional annoying authentication pop-up!

      Ceemo the robot is flying quickly, holding a paint palette in one hand, chasing after Beetoobee the puppy, who has run off with a yellow paintbrush, dribbling paint all along the way!

      Why is the System Built This Way?

      We decided to launch Ceemo’s MVP using Google’s API for a variety of reasons, but let’s cover the top two.

      First, because Google Workspace is a fantastic free option for founders. We know what it’s like launching on a tight budget!

      Second, when it comes to pitch decks specifically, Google Slides is not only great for teams, it also exports to a format usable by nearly any presentation software. Whether you use Power Point, Keynote, or Canva, our goal is for everything you create within Ceemo to easily slot into your existing preferred workflow.

      With all that said, Ceemo relies on Google’s existing APIs. Because of the way those APIs are built, there’s no middle ground authentication option that allows us to authorize only copying/pasting files. The only way to get that functionality was to ask for everything. It’s certainly not ideal for our use case, but that’s how Google has structured their API for now. If that ever changes, we’ll make updates accordingly!

      Given these limitations, our founder was pretty nervous and could easily imagine it making our end users nervous too. Our team had many long conversations about juggling that understandable nervousness versus ease of use. Would users be irritated by the repeated authentication requests? Should we just ask for permanent access and be done with it? Or would users appreciate the added trust & security?

      Again, we appreciate how much trust you’re placing in us. Going into our beta, we’re opting for safety & security first. We hope you’ll agree!

        Google API Terms Disclosure

        Ceemo.ai’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

          Have Questions or Need Help?

          Team Ceemo is always here to help, whatever you need! Throughout our beta, we’re determined to serve you the best we can. We’re hoping to learn, grow, and make our upcoming public launch the best it can be. But we can’t do that without you!

          So please, speak up, don’t be shy with questions, and let us know what you think!

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            Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon! Buh-bye for now!