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Ceemo Beta


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Team Ceemo is Here to Help!

Thank you for being part of our exclusive private beta! As part of the beta, we want to ensure we not only provide you with excellent value & service, but we also want to learn from your experiences with the platform so our public launch in 2024 can be as spectacular as possible. We can’t do that without you!

To that end, any time you need support with the platform, we’re here to help. This page is your headquarters for all things Ceemo Support.

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Email Support

The fastest way to get support is always to send us a quick email! Let us know what you need, what beta partner program you’re with, and a member of our team will reach out as soon as possible! Please pardon any delays; we are a small but mighty team. We promise to always do our best to take care you!

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15-Min Meeting

If you’d prefer to chat face-to-face, all Ceemo users can schedule one free support meeting per month! (Some partnerships include more support time.) We currently offer Support Meetings on Thursdays & Fridays, from 12:00pm to 6:00pm ET. Please be patient with us, as we’re a small but mighty team!

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon! Buh-bye for now!