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Are you tired of trying to brand, market, and pitch your startup alone?

Do you wish your marketing looked more market-ready?

Do you need an investor-ready pitch deck that tells your unique story?

If you answered yes, you need Ceemo!

We’re not just another logo generator. With Ceemo you can create a custom visual identity & instantly apply it to pitch & marketing materials. Our mission is to make your startup look consistent, polished & professional with the click of a button!

Ceemo’s free & simple 5-step quiz is all it takes to see what your new brand & pitch deck could look like if you sign up for the Ceemo Beta! It’s your chance to see the magic of Ceemo’s live brand generation & instant application. 

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An adorable illustration of the Ceemo robot encapsulated in a bubble, holding in one hand a paint palette filled with rainbow paint colors, and a paint brush in the other.

Meet Ceemo

At Ceemo, a simple personality quiz is all it takes to generate a custom, data-backed brand kit for your startup, complete with:

  • A simple typographic logo
  • A full color scheme
  • An open-source font suite
  • A unique company identity

Your brand is created using our proprietary algorithms based on psychology, startup strategy, and color theory. Best of all, every brand we generate is fully WCAG & ADA compliant!

The magic doesn’t stop there! Once your brand has been created, Ceemo automatically applies your fonts & colors to our custom pitch deck templates, complete with a mini-guidebook to teach you how to pitch like a pro.
Coming in 2024, we’ll be adding additional marketing materials, like one-pagers, letterhead, business cards, menus, social media templates, and so much more. As a Ceemo Private Beta cohort member, all of it will be at your fingertips throughout 2024, at no extra cost!

An adorable illustration of the Ceemo robot encapsulated in a bubble, holding in one hand a paint palette filled with rainbow paint colors, and a paint brush in the other.
A swirling galaxy of stars & planets, with little bubbles of Ceemo the robot wearing a gaming headset, alongside his dogs Beetoobee & Beetoocee!

Ceemo Galaxy

Everyone in the Ceemo Beta will be invited to join the  Ceemo Galaxy community! On our own private, invite-only Discord server, you’ll discover a supportive, encouraging, uplifting community of all your founder peers in the beta cohort, as well as friendly startup experts & everyone on Team Ceemo. Our top priorities: helping you get the absolute most out of your Ceemo experience & ensuring you have what you need to build your own startup success story.

In addition to the supportive startup atmosphere, we’ll also host regular community live-stream events! You’ll learn top startup strategies, hear from leading experts, watch live pitch deck clinics, get all the latest updates on Ceemo development, and maybe – just maybe – even win some exciting prizes!

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a beta-only experience, available for a limited time to all Ceemo Beta members. We hope to see you in Ceemo Galaxy!

Tested & Proven

A cohort of diverse founders from Halcyon's Opportunity Intensive Program, which we support each year with branding & pitch deck services.



$20 Million


by our clients

A photo of the headquarters of the Halcyon Incubator, a historic mansion in Georgetown, Washington, DC.


Ecosystem partners

Our Proud Testing Partners

Before writing a single line of code, we thoroughly tested our underlying branding, marketing, and pitching methodologies. We put them to the toughest test, by purposefully working with those who have the steepest odds against them in venture capital: underrepresented founders.

We worked with over 300 founders from every demographic: women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled founders.

We secured dozens of ecosystem partners, strategically streamlining acquisition from likeminded accelerators, universities, and VC funds.

In less than two years, our clients raised over $20 million dollars, which went to 100% underrepresented founders, with the majority of funds raised in Angel & Seed rounds.

Our methods work. Now we’re automating & scaling for both success & impact.

We've won marketing awards judged by

Meet Team Ceemo

Heather Lawver

Heather Lawver

Founder & CEO

Logos for MIT Media Lab & Techstars

Jake Rosenhaft

Jake Rosenhaft

Co-Founder & CTO

Logos for AOL & Continuous Software

Peter King Robbins

Peter King Robbins

Branding Advisor

Logos for Blue Egg Strategy & Design, Pandora Music, Bird, and Salesforce, all designed by Peter King Robbins

Scott Altman

Scott Altman

Principal Software Engineer

Logos for AOL, University of Mary Washington, and Continuous Software

George Stock

George Stock

Software Engineer

Logos for Illinois Tech and Continuous Software

Sarah Black

Sarah Black

Chief of Staff & Illustrator

Logo for California State University Long Beach

Development Partners

Techstars Atlanta Powered by J.P. Morgan
Gunderson Dettmer
Gunderson Dettmer
NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers

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Are you an accredited investor? Are you passionate about the future of generative AI? Do you want to see true equality take root across the startup landscape?

If all of that sounds good to you, let’s talk!

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