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Ceemo FAQ


How Does Ceemo's Brand Generator Work?

Right now, Ceemo's current MVP beta platform operates entirely off our proprietary algorithms; we haven't even added AI yet!

As of June 2024, brand generation is based entirely upon your unique selection of 3 keywords that define how you want to be perceived by your customers. We've developed a database of proprietary color schemes, fonts, and design motifs that are then algorithmically matched with your chosen keywords. In fact, you'll see the order in which they're recommended as you cycle through the suggested colors and fonts.

The next part of our brand generator is currently in development! That's our Crunchbase market insight engine. We've partnered with Crunchbase to develop a truly original approach to automating the market research that truly makes brands effective. Our algorithm will trawl recent investments in your industry, stage of the startup lifecycle, and your top 3 identified competitors. That will help us determine what brands are driving success for founders like you, helping them connect with similar customers and investors. We'll then combine those insights with your strategy to recommend even smarter brands.

The next stage after that will be incorporating AI to speed up those insights, add even more nuance, and keep improving the brands we're able to create for you. But even that is just the beginning! Our goal is to eventually create an entire marketing roadmap, so at the click of a button you'll have every marketing asset you need before you even know you need it. But of course, as a startup ourselves, it'll take time to get there!

What if I already have some brand elements I want to keep?

That's okay! Right now we don't have a way for you to add existing brand elements yourself to the Ceemo Brand Quiz. That still requires a human element. But don't worry, our experts are on hand to help!

Why do we need a human designer? For example, let's say you have a beautiful primary color you absolutely love! Our color scheme engine has specific WCAG & ADA compliance factors built into it, to ensure that every asset we create for you is fully ADA compliant. We haven't yet completed our automated compliance checker, to ensure that any colors input by users meet those compliance requirements. So in order to incorporate any existing colors you may have, one of our expert team members will need to help you.

It's super simple though! Go ahead and check out the Ceemo Free Trial and take your Brand Quiz. While evaluating all of the recommended brands, think carefully about whatever brand elements you want to keep and incorporate. If it's a color, try to find a color scheme in Ceemo that you think will complement your existing colors. If you have a logo icon design you love, that's easy; just choose fonts that you think will complement that!

Once you've completed your Brand Quiz, click the "Get Support" button to schedule a free 15-minute meeting with our expert designers. They can then chat with you about what you love about your existing elements, what you love about your new Ceemo brand, and how we can best meld it all together into something perfect just for you.

When you & our expert designers have come up with a plan, they'll be able to tweak your color scheme or even upload an entirely custom logo into the back-end of your account. Then the next time you log into Ceemo, you'll see your newly integrated custom brand and you'll be able to generate all the assets you need!

What's a 'Wordmark Logo'?

Logos are made up of multiple different parts, each with its own distinct purpose. Some logos only have one part, while others have many! Let's define them.

An illustration showing the different segments of a logo, including the icon and the wordmark.

The Wordmark is the actual name of the company, spelled out in a typeface known as the "Headline Font". Sometimes this can be particularly stylized, other times it can be quite plain. Occasionally you'll see unique decorative elements, like some kind of shape, or even parts of letters removed. The wordmark is the central focus of a logo, the most important part, because it tells your audience who you are!

Some logos only have wordmarks. Think of companies like FedEx, The New York Times, or Coca-Cola. As of right now, Ceemo's beta platform only generates simple typographic wordmark logos.

What's the other segment of a logo? The Logo Icon.

Logo Icons are smaller, decorative elements sometimes viewed to the left of the wordmark, sometimes above it, etc. Think about the famous Nike swoosh, or the Batman symbol. Those are unique icons that pair with the wordmark to create a combined logo.

Some companies have logo icons, some don't. You can absolutely have a full complete brand without an icon.

But if you want one, that's perfectly fine! Here at Ceemo, we are working on two separate logo generator elements: a stylized wordmark generator and a logo icon generator. We plan to have them ready for you before the end of 2024. In the meantime, our team of expert designers are availalble at a discounted rate to help create the logo of your dreams!

Can you help me create a custom logo wordmark & icon now?

Yes, we absolutely can! We have a team of expert designers ready & willing to help support your custom design needs.

Our friendly expert designers are here and happy to help! Just click the "Get Support" button within the Ceemo app to schedule a few 15-minute introductory call with our experts. We'll come up with a plan together and prepare a discounted proposal, if required. We can do all sorts of things to help support your design needs.

If you've found the perfect stock logo icon that you want to combine with your Ceemo generated wordmark, we can do that.

If you've sketched out the perfect logo, we can bring it to life!

If you just have a vague idea of what you want your logo to feel like, we can help give that shape and make it a reality.

Once we've created a full logo you love, our experts can upload it to your Ceemo account so you'll be able to generate assets with your own custom logo. Don't worry, we've got your back! And in the meantime, we'll keep working on developing our full stylized wordmark & icon generator, so that one day soon you'll be able to do all of this instantly on your own with Ceemo!

What other optional upgrades do you offer?

At Ceemo, our goal is to help you build the startup of your dreams. We'll try our best to help support you with your marketing, design & pitching needs as best we can! To give you a quick overview, here are a few basics we cover:

  • Custom logo designs.
  • Custom color schemes (either combining existing elements or 100% custom).
  • Pitch Deck Storytelling Consults, helping you craft a compelling narrative for investors, sales, or sponsorships.
  • Pitch Deck Facelifts, where our experts help you fill in your Ceemo templates, streamline your story, and create custom graphics.
  • Other marketing template customization & support, if you need to make tweaks to your other Ceemo assets.
  • Refer you to trusted experts who can help solve a wide range of common startup challenges & needs.

The only thing we absolutely can't do with regard to your pitch decks is work on your financials. Sorry, that's outside our area of expertise! But we can help refer you to experts we know & trust who will be able to help support you!

When will the full custom wordmark & icon logo generator be released?

We're actively working on it right now and are planning to have it available by Q4 of 2024!

Do Ceemo's font suites require paid font licenses?

No, absolutely not! We purposefully chose to use Google Fonts because there are no license fees at all.

Not many founders know this, but just because a font is installed on your computer does not mean it's free for you to use for commercial purposes. Just as I'm sure you appreciate getting paid for your labor, font designers need to make a living too! They get paid by charging license fees for their creations. Believe me, especially in commercial settings, font license fees can add up fast! Especially if you're embedding premium fonts on websites, in software, or in mobile apps. We're talking tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars! And if you get caught using a premium font without a license? Then you're facing a potential lawsuit.

That's why we've chosen Google Fonts as a font provider. Their fonts are free for (most) commercial purposes., although of course please be sure to read their license terms carefully to ensure your unique purpose is still in compliance. Once you've saved your Ceemo Brand Quiz, you'll find a direct link to your fonts' listings on Google Fonts, where you can download them for yourself and review the associated license.

This is just one of the many ways we've built Ceemo to protect founders from the many unseen risks & liabilities in startup marketing! We've got your back.

Can I download my generated logo?

Yes, of course! Ceemo subscribers in both the Launch & Pitch tiers will be able to download their wordmark logos from their Ceemo Brand Book.

In fact, Ceemo makes your logo available in 7 of your custom brand colors so you're covered for any possible web, print, or design scenario! You'll also get them in both SVG & transparent PNG formats. Why is that important? Because SVGs are scaleable, which means you could print your logo as small as a lipstick or as big as a billboard without any loss in quality! They're also fantastic for web applications, because the file size is so small. Transparent PNGs are fantastic for using in your marketing assets, because they can be placed on top of promotional imagery, without a pesky background getting in the way. These two file types are industry standard for a reason!

If we end up helping you to create a customized logo, you'll also still be able to download them in all those available colors & formats. Don't worry, Ceemo always has your back!


I've heard AI-generated logos can't be legally protected. Is my Ceemo brand safe?

Thanks to recent legislation in the EU and multiple court cases here in the US, that's correct. AI-generated images cannot be legally protected. Which means if you use an AI logo generator, you won't be able to legally protect your brand in the future. You could spend years building up a brand, only to have someone else come along and use it too, with no legal recourse.

This is why our current MVP does not have a full stylized logo wordmark & icon generator yet. We didn't want to open our founders up to that gigantic potential risk! Instead we're taking our time and developing a truly novel approach to logo generation that will be fully legally protectable once completed.

But that's not finished yet! So what about the logos being created by our current beta?

Don't worry, those are protectable too! Because right now there's no AI involved at all. It's all algorithms and text from properly licensed Google fonts. So yes. Your Ceemo brand is fully legally protectable, even now!

What if I want to make some changes to my Ceemo generated brand?

Let's say you absolutely love your Primary and Secondary colors, but you really want to tweak your accent colors.

Or maybe you have an absolutely perfect decorative accent in mind for your logo!

Our Ceemo expert designers are here and happy to help! It all starts with a free 15-minute introductory meeting, where we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan. Your Ceemo designer will then send you a discounted proposal to accomplish your goals. The vast majority of requests can be taken care of quite quickly! Once we've completed your task, Ceemo's experts can modify your brand on the back-end, so you can generate assets in your new custom colors or logo.

The only thing we cannot customize at this time is Fonts! We're limited to specific fonts from Google, precisely because we want to ensure our users never have to pay for font licenses. Those can add up real fast, often sneaking up on founders and potentially even opening them up to potential lawsuits. So unfortunately for the time being, we can't accommodate premium fonts.

Other than that, though, our friendly Ceemo Expert Designers are here and happy to assist!

Marketing Assets

How does Ceemo generate my marketing assets?

Our amazing team here at Ceemo has created an entirely unique & proprietary engine for generating marketing assets in Google Slides. We've devised a system for color schemes with established rules for maintaining WCAG/ADA color contrast requirements, and a coding language that applies and maintains those rules throughout all the assets we generate. That way you never have to worry about what color goes where, what font should be used at what time, or what you have to do to remain compliant with accessible color contrast regulations.

Right now we have a set of master marketing asset & pitch deck templates, which were designed, written, and created by our Founder, Heather Lawver. (She's the one who has helped minority founders raise over $173 million in venture capital!) Heather has taken everything she's learned and used it to create the assets we'll create for you. She also wrote mini-textbook guides tucked away in the presenter notes, to help walk you through how to best utilize each template, craft your narrative, and scale your company.

If you'd like a more detailed walkthrough of how exactly the asset creation & customization process works, we've created a guide that's available on our Google Policy information page! Check it out, and as always, if you ever have any questions you're always welcome to contact us.

Why do I need a Google Account to generate assets?
What if I want to edit my assets in PowerPoint, Keynote, etc?

The beauty of Google Slides is that it can export to just about any other leading pitch software! Every pitch deck template we generate includes two slides at the end that have detailed instructions on how to download your deck from Google Slides and import it into PowerPoint or Canva. For Keynote, simply follow the PowerPoint download instructions, then open your exported .pptx file in Keynote.

What other asset types are coming soon?

We're constantly working to improve the value and diversity of Ceemo and the assets we provide to our users! Currently we're working on adding Business Plans, to help early stage entrepreneurs detail all the vital strategies, methods, and information that fuels their company. We've found having these documents handy can also be immensely valuable while raising your initial investment round! 

Beyond venture-backed startups, though, we also want to help support small business owners, non-profits, and consultants too. In the near future we're planning to add things like sales decks, non-profit sponsorship decks, proposals, restaurant menus, and so much more. 

Suffice it to say, what we have available today is just the beginning! If there's a specific type of marketing asset you'd love to see in Ceemo, please contact us and let us know! We'd love to hear what would be most valuable for you.

What if I need help editing my marketing assets?

Don't worry, every Ceemo subscription comes with one free hands-on, 1:1 customer support session per month! Just click the "Get Support" button inside the app to find instructions on how to schedule your meeting. We'll be happy to help answer questions, solve any technical issues, or even just help with things like strategy, storytelling, and design.

If you end up needing more than that 15-minute meeting for things like consulting or design services, our team can help figure out what you need and prepare a discounted proprosal to get your custom support needs taken care of! Ceemo is always here to help as best we can to ensure that your startup or small business dreams become a reality.

What if I need help creating a unique type of marketing asset?

Again, our team of experts are here & happy to help! Just click the 'Get Support' button in the app and chat with our team to get started. We'll chat with you, figure out the best way to get your needs taken care of, and prepare a custom discounted proposal.

Oh no! I got an error message when trying to generate my asset. What do I do?

Oh dear, we're sorry if that happens! It's sadly inevitable with tech, sometimes things get a little finicky.

More often than not, the errors we see most commonly are when Google didn't get all of the permissions it needed to fully access your Google Drive. So if you get an error message the first time you try to generate an asset, simply return to your Asset Library and try to generate it again. Oddly the way Google has recently redesigned their UI, the second time usually works just fine.

If that doesn't work, or that wasn't your issue, of course you are always more than welcome to click the 'Get Support' button within the app at any time! Getting help with technical errors does not count toward your limited expert support time per month! So please feel free to email us, message us on our Discord server, or schedule a quick zoom meeting. Typically speaking email is the fastest way to get a response. We try our best to respond within 1-2 business days at the max.

My Ceemo Account

What if I run into a technical problem?

It's super simple! Just click on the 'Get Support' button within the app to send us an email, post a message on our Discord server, or schedule a free 15-minute support meeting! Technical errors with our site do not count toward the monthly limit on support meetings, but email is typically the fastest way to get your needs taken care of. Please be sure to describe your issue in detail, provide screenshots if possible/relevant, and ensure you include the email address you use to log into Ceemo so we can take a look at the back-end and error log. Then we'll get back to you as soon as we can, typically within 1-2 business days.

What is your refund policy?

Our mission at Ceemo is to ensure we're providing real value to entrepreneurs, making their lives easier and their path to success more efficient. If you've checked out the platform and realized it's not doing that for you, we'll be happy to provide a refund so long as you have not already generated any assets. 

Why do I have to give you access to my entire Google Drive account?

In order for us to generate your marketing assets, we need to be able to access your Google Drive. Unfortunately, the way Google's APIs were created, the only way for us to deposit your customized Ceemo templates into your account is by gaining access to your entire Google Drive. Believe us, we wish there was another option! We hate having to ask you for such a big leap of faith. But until Google changes their APIs, or until we're able to partner with another design platform, that's how it works.

If you'd like a deeper dive into how our integration with Google works, our overall Google policies, and the security steps we've taken to protect your data, please check out our Google information page!

What if I have more questions?

You're always welcome to contact us at any time! We're happy to help however we can.

Are you going to sell my data or startup details?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that your business is your life! Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your company's future. We absolutely and unequivocally respect that and pledge to treat your data the exact same way we'd want our data treated.

Which is precisely why we don't actually access any of your company's sensitive or proprietary data. Once we generate your marketing assets, they live on your Google Drive and your Google Drive alone. Anything and everything you put into your pitch decks, for instance, never even interacts with our systems at all. 

The data we do know about your company? It's basically the little bit you told us when you filled out your Brand Quiz:

  • Your Company Name,
  • Your URL,
  • What Industry you're in,
  • The stage of the startup lifecycle you were in when you filled out the quiz,
  • Your top three competitors, if you entered them,
  • Of course, the Brand Book we created for you,
  • Basic web data, like how often you've interacted with the Ceemo app, your IP address, how long you spend on the site, etc.

That's it, really! Eventually we would like to expand on that, to serve you better. For instance, we'd love to be able to have one central spot for you to enter your slogan, so that it could be automatically populated in just the right spots across all of your marketing assets one day. But that's off in the future, not today. So at least for right now, we don't know anything sensitive about your company in order to sell or disclose it, even if we wanted to!

Ceemo Ecosystem Partnerships

Do you offer bulk discounts for accelerators or universities?

Yes, we do! We also offer discounts for social impact programs. To learn more, please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your program and how Ceemo can help your founders shine on Demo Days or graduate fully investor-ready!

I got my Ceemo account through a partner. How do I extend my subscription?

Thank you for your interest in extending your Ceemo subscription! It's super easy to maintain access to everything Ceemo offers. Within the App, click on "My Account", then click on "Manage on Stripe". That will allow you to enter your billing details and extend your subscription past the expiration of your initial sponsored subscription through your accelerator program.
Don't forget, though, if you ever run into any issues you're always welcome to contact us for help or click the "Get Support" button inside the app!

I run an accelerator/university program, how do I learn more about a potential partnership?

We'd love to work with you, help your founders shine on Demo Day, and increase their odds of securing investment post-program! To learn more, please contact our Founder, Heather Lawver, at Or simply fill out the form on our Contact page!

All About Ceemo

When did Ceemo begin?

Ceemo's MVP platform launched as a private beta in November of 2023, but opened to the public in March of 2024.

But our history goes back far before that! Ceemo began initially as a small consultancy called Perfectly Pitched, which launched in 2021. Right in the midst of lockdown, our Founder was invited by the Halcyon Incubator to support founders participating in their Opportunity Intensive program. Heather developed workshop curriculum to teach founders about fundamentals of branding & pitching, then supported each founder with their individual needs. The goal was to get each founder ready for Demo Day. They'd pitch to an audience full of investors and hopefully increase their odds of securing funding. This was especially important, because these were founders from or serving DC's Opportunity Zones; the most impoverished regions of our nation's capital.

Within 8 months, Heather had helped founders raise over $7 million. It was then that she realized she was on to something particularly effective at getting these minority founders funded. 

She spent about a year and a half working directly with over 200 founders & dozens of leading accelerators. All the while she refined her methods & ideas that she had developed after 25+ years as an entrepreneur & designer, and over 10 years working directly with other founders. Those methods are precisely what fuels Ceemo's algorithms today!

For more on our history, head over to our About page!

Who are the Founders?

Our original founder is Heather Lawver, who launched the company in 2021. She's been an entrepreneur her entire life. Heather finished high school at 12, founded her first startup at 13, and ran a successful international human rights campaign at 16. By 18 her work had been analyzed & lauded in collegiate textbooks from MIT & Harvard Law. She has a passion for using storytelling, design, and public speaking to make a difference in the world. Not too surprisingly, those skills parlayed quite well into helping other entrepreneurs brand, market, and pitch their companies. 

Jake Rosenhaft, our Co-Founder & CTO, initially joined the company as an Advisor in November of 2022. Then he became our tech development partner. 9 months later, he became our CTO. After a little over a year, Heather invited him to join as Co-Founder. Jake is a talented software developer, former AOL Tech Director who was responsible for's global web presence, and founder of his own software development firm, Continuous Software. Over his 30 year career he's built enterprise level software for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

You can learn more about each of them on their respective LinkedIn profiles, or on our About page!

What's your underlying mission?

Every sale, every investment, every success story depends on your ability to explain who you are, what you do, and why it matters. That is the heart of marketing.

At, we work to unlock the potential of every entrepreneur by making top tier marketing accessible & affordable for everyone

We utilize a novel combination of human design, market data, and innovative technology to demystify marketing. 

In the future, everyone will have an equal shot at success thanks to their friendly automated CMO.

Did your Founder really help minority founders raise over $170 million in VC funding?

Yes, she did! She first began helping other underrepresented founders with their branding, marketing, and pitch decks in 2014, when she was part of the inaugural cohort of the Halcyon Incubator. The program director at the incubator was so impressed with her skills & impact, that they asked Heather to come back and help various founders in nearly after cohort thereafter. Each time they'd say to her, "Heather, you should really turn this into a company." 

Each time she'd respond, "I'm not qualified for that." But she kept volunteering anyway.

After nearly 8 years of that, while volunteering yet again, Halcyon repeated their suggestion, but this time followed it up with, "And by the way, we'd hire you."

It was the midst of the pandemic, so Heather figured, why not? She was able to support the program remotely, working with the cohort and each individual founder. That was the start of the company, and also the first time she started to look back and realize the sheer impact she'd had after all those years of volunteering.

It wasn't until 2024, however, that she finally figured out just how large that impact was. At the suggestion of her mentor through the StartOut Growth Lab program, she finally sat down and created a spreadsheet of every single founder she could remember working with since 2014. She reached out to as many as she could get in contact with, she tracked others down through Crunchbase, jotting down every bit of funding she could find that was directly tied to a pitch deck she helped create and/or a specifically significant aspect of overarching brand messaging. 

Much to her surprise, that total added up to well over $170 million dollars. As of this writing (June, 2024), that figure is now over $173 million. That she knows of. 

In addition to that, pitch decks she created have also been used to win significant pitch competitions, including SXSW, the Consumer Electronics Showcase, TechCrunch Disrupt (on at least two occasions), UN Women, Silicon Valley Bank, and countless others. She's helped founders prepare presentations to get into leading accelerators, like Techstars, Gener8tor, Jumpstart Foundry, Expert Dojo, and others. She's even played a part in successful deals on Shark Tank. 

But the one part she's especially proud of is that 100% of those funds raised went to companies with at least one minority founder, with every major demographic represented. Including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Disabled founders. Given that these founders collectively received on average less than 5% of all venture capital, that's an especially impressive accomplishment.

Turns out she was qualified after all. 

How is Ceemo related to Perfectly Pitched Inc?

Ceemo initially began as a consultancy named Perfectly Pitched based in Northern Virginia. When we decided to pivot to automating our unique approach to branding, marketing & pitching, we transitioned to a Delaware C-Corp named Perfectly Pitched, Inc. Ceemo is a DBA underneath Perfectly Pitched as our parent company. We did so in order to maintain our history and legacy of the work we did during our initial two-year pilot phase. 

How can I learn more?

Feel free to check out our About page, Heather's LinkedIn profile, or simple contact us! We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

You're always welcome to contact us with any other questions you may have!