An illustrated space landscape, filled with stars, colorful planets, and shooting stars. Ceemo the robot is flying past the Earth, smiling & saluting at the viewer. His two robot dog friends are floating peacefully through space, chasing planets. There's subtle text that reads "Free free free free" along the bottom edge, and a badge on the right that reads, "Try Ceemo's Brand Quiz FREE! Free trial out now."

create a strategic brand & pitch deck

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Your Brand is More Than Just a Logo

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Don’t I just need a logo? Your brand should be more than just a logo! A consistent brand should include consistent colors, fonts, logo, and design motifs that come together to exemplify what makes you unique.

“Just a logo” is just a mistake. An incomplete brand can lead to missed opportunity and big risks in the future. What fonts were used in your logo? Do you have a license to use them commercially? Are your colors ADA compliant? Are you aware AI-generated logos can’t be copyrighted? These mistakes are how startups can end up spending an average $30,000 – $50,000 on their foundational marketing!

You deserve expert help on day one. We designed Ceemo to create beautiful strategic brands, get founders funded with better pitch decks, and help you avoid these costly marketing mistakes. With the Ceemo Beta, you’ll get a complete strategic brand kit and automatically apply it to custom pitch materials, all in under 10 minutes!

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Ceemo Pricing

An adorable illustration of the Ceemo robot encapsulated in a bubble, holding in one hand a paint palette filled with rainbow paint colors, and a paint brush in the other.

Meet Ceemo

See more meaning & strategy in your brand with Ceemo! Our simple 5-step quiz helps you examine your top competitors’ logos and choose 3 keywords to define how you want to be perceived by your customers. With that we can generate a complete custom brand book, including:

  • A typographic logo
  • A full color scheme
  • An open-source font suite
  • A unique company identity

Your brand is created using our proprietary algorithms based on psychology, startup strategy, and color theory. Best of all, every brand we generate is fully WCAG & ADA compliant!

The magic doesn’t stop there! Once your brand has been created, Ceemo automatically applies your fonts & colors to our custom pitch deck templates, complete with a mini-guidebook to teach you how to pitch like a pro.

Brands & Pitch Decks are just the beginning!

In 2024, we’re adding instantly branded one-pagers, letterhead, business cards, social media & so much more.

An adorable illustration of the Ceemo robot encapsulated in a bubble, holding in one hand a paint palette filled with rainbow paint colors, and a paint brush in the other.

Brands & Pitch Decks are just the beginning!

In 2024, we’re adding instantly branded one-pagers, letterhead, business cards, social media & so much more.

A Note from Our Founder

Meet our Founder & CEO, Heather Lawver! Her photo appears as a bubble atop a colorful galaxy. She's a white woman, smiling warmly at the viewer, wearing rainbow-colored glasses. Her hair is reddish brown & excessively curly. Below her photo is a bubble with the words, "We've helped startups raise over $20 million for 100% underrepresented founders".

“It’s like having magic pitch deck fairies!”

Nicole Whalen
Startup Founder & Early Pilot Client

Hi, Founder Friends!

I’m Heather Lawver & I’m excited to welcome you to Ceemo! As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve seen time & again how the magic of a seamless brand & pitch deck can make it so much easier to explain who you are, what you do, and why it matters. When you master a strategic, compelling, cohesive story, you increase your odds of making that sale & securing that investment.

I built Ceemo because I want every founder to have an equal shot at startup success.

Each year less than 5% of venture capital is invested in women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & Disabled founders. The first hurdle we face is the lack of a Friends & Family Round, which means we can’t afford the $30k-$50k average startups spend on early marketing support. If you’re like me, you cobble it together alone & take up to four times as long, making you look slower & less market ready by comparison.

I can’t solve prejudice. I can’t solve bias. But I can solve this!

My team & I created Ceemo to democratize startup marketing & help founders avoid early mistakes that quickly explode into huge costs & liabilities. But before writing any code, we tested & refined our methods with over 300 founders & dozens of top accelerators & universities.

In less than two years, our clients raised over $20 million dollars, going to 100% underrepresented founders in majority Angel & Pre-Seed rounds!

Many of our pilot clients won some of the biggest pitch competitions on the planet, including SXSW, TechCrunch, and CES.

Now we’re automating & scaling that impact, bringing it straight to you. For a limited time with the Ceemo Beta & our exclusive one-on-one support options, my team & I will be right by your side, doing all we can to support you.

Thank you for pouring your heart & soul into new innovations the world desperately needs. We can’t wait to hear about the innovations you’re creating & how we can help you succeed!

A handwritten cursive note that reads, "Thank you! - Heather"

“It’s like having magic pitch deck fairies!”

Nicole Whalen
Startup Founder & Early Pilot Client

What You Get

Our adorable friend, Ceemo, the marketing robot. He's made of a white glassy material, with his face & tummy projected from the inside out in a beautiful blue gradient. His face has two large oval eyes, and his tummy has a sunshine colored heart that beats just for you!

Brand Features

  • A typographic wordmark logo downloadable as SVGs & PNGs in 7 brand colors.
  • WCAG & ADA compliant color scheme.
  • Open-source font suite.
  • Core 3-keyword company identity.
  • Exclusive optional expert design services to create a custom logo icon, modify your color scheme, and more!
You friend, Ceemo the robot, is popping up out of a grey bubble, excited to share our data room documents with you!

Marketing Assets

We seamlessly apply your brand across marketing asset templates created in Google Slides, including:

  • 40+ slide Pitch Deck
  • One-Pagers with 8+ styles for sales & fundraising
  • Letterhead
  • 50+ Social Media squares designed for a 3+ month campaign on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Business Cards
An illustration of Ceemo, checking out a file in his database, which is projected up from his left hand.

Plans for 2024+

  • Logo Icon Generator
  • AI-Generated Pitch Narratives
  • Additional instantly-branded marketing material templates, like:
    • Restaurant Menus
    • Additional types of Pitch Decks, like leave-behind decks, sales decks, non-profit sponsorship decks, etc.
  • And so much more! 
A swirling galaxy of stars & planets, with little bubbles of Ceemo the robot wearing a gaming headset, alongside his dogs Beetoobee & Beetoocee!

Ceemo Galaxy

Everyone who subscribes to Ceemo Beta will be invited to join the  Ceemo Galaxy community! On our own private, invite-only Discord server, you’ll discover a supportive, encouraging, uplifting community of all your founder peers in the beta cohort, as well as friendly startup experts & everyone on Team Ceemo. Our top priorities: helping you get the absolute most out of your Ceemo experience & ensuring you have what you need to build your own startup success story.

In addition to the supportive startup atmosphere, we’ll also host regular community live-stream events! You’ll learn top startup strategies, hear from leading experts, watch live pitch deck clinics, get all the latest updates on Ceemo development, and maybe – just maybe – even win some exciting prizes!

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a beta-only experience, available for a limited time to all Ceemo Beta members. We hope to see you in Ceemo Galaxy!

Exclusive Beta-Only Expert Support

Ceemo the robot is riding a roller coaster with his two dog friends, Beetoobee and Beetoocee. Their arms are up as they crest the biggest hill, ready to have the momentum carry them through the rest of the ride!

“Heather is so good with words, she’s like our own personal ChatGPT.

Mauri Shembeda
Startup Founder & Storytelling Workshop Participant, talking about her experience working with our founder, Heather Lawver.

One-on-One Expert Support

Startup life can feel a lot like a rollercoaster sometimes. The ride’s way more fun with friends! We’ve designed Ceemo Beta to provide you with all the support, expert guidance, and peer community you need to truly thrive as a founder. 

The Ceemo Beta platform provides a solid foundation for your branding & pitching needs. But what if you need or want more help? What if you need some of the upcoming marketing materials that are coming out closer to our public launch? What if you want storytelling help or public speaking coaching? Don’t worry, we got you!

Once you’re a part of the Ceemo Beta, you can choose from a wide menu of service offerings, including:

  • Custom Logo Icon Design
  • Slogans, Blurbs & Pitch Narrative Creation
  • Custom Pitch Graphics & Illustrations
  • Pitch Deck Variations, e.g. 'Leave-Behind' Decks
  • Overall Marketing or Fundraising Strategy
  • Public Speaking Coaching
  • And so much more!

“Heather is so good with words, she’s like our own personal ChatGPT.

Mauri Shembeda
Startup Founder & Storytelling Workshop Participant, talking about her experience working with our founder, Heather Lawver.

A CMO on a Mission

An illustration of Ceemo, checking out a file in his database, which is projected up from his left hand.

In 2022, less than 2% of all venture capital dollars invested in the United States went to underrepresented founders. Two percent.

Ceemo was born from a belief that everyone should have an equal shot at writing their own startup success story. It shouldn’t matter where you come from, who you are, who you love, or the circumstances of your physical abilities.

What should matter?

  1. Your ideas.
  2. Your ability to see a better world where a current problem no longer exists, because you came up with a solution.
  3. Finally, your ability to share that vision of a better world with others, to convince them to join you, invest in you, or buy from you.

That ability to share your story, your vision of a better world, to help increase your odds of making that sale or securing that investment; that’s what Ceemo is here to help every founder achieve.

Ceemo exists to make it easier & more affordable for every founder to refine their story & present it, both visually and verbally, through foundational marketing materials. Branding & pitching are two sides of the same storytelling coin, but up until now, they’ve existed in separate silos, leaving it up to founders to try to connect the dots. That’s the problem we’re solving with Ceemo:

  1. Giving founders easier access to meaningful, strategic brands, which are fully WCAG & ADA compliant.
  2. Creating the connective tissue that applies those brands consistently to all of your marketing materials.
  3. Generating pitch decks that are not only beautiful, but help you as a founder to refine your understanding of your own story & tell that story more effectively.

We’re proud to say that during our pilot, we rigorously tested our underlying branding & pitching methodologies with founders from every major demographic of underrepresentation. We helped them raise over $20 million in venture capital in less than two years. Many of them went on to win some of the world’s most prestigious pitch competitions, including SXSW and CES.

Our methods work. Now it’s time to automate & scale so that at long last, we can level the venture capital playing field.

Together we can take a giant leap toward equity in venture capital. Let’s equip founders with the power of beautiful design, epic storytelling, and thoughtfully-applied technology, all to make 2022 the final year of single-digit investment in women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Disabled founders.

A cohort of diverse founders from Halcyon's Opportunity Intensive Program, which we support each year with branding & pitch deck services.
$20 Million

The Importance of Accessibility

Ceemo the robot adjusts a dial on a website, showing text bars in a variety of shades of blue on a large computer monitor, with their actions being directed by a woman in a wheelchair wearing a bright yellow gradient shirt.

Accessibility is not only the right thing to do, it’s vitally important for securing the future of your startup.

The second pillar of Ceemo’s mission is the broader awareness & expansion of accessibility throughout the startup landscape.

There’s a huge gap when it comes to understanding accessibility. Not many founders are aware that accessibility regulations affect them. Heck, not many brand designers, marketing creatives, or pitch specialists realize their work needs to take accesibility into consideration! This unfortunate combination creates three key risks for founders.

  1. Best case, your marketing is inaccessible to 20% of your audience, limiting your sales & growth.
  2. Once you learn about compliance, you face huge expenses to remediate your brand, marketing & website, potentially facing an entire re-brand.
  3. Worst case, you get sued. Everyone from small Shopify websites to large companies can – and do – get sued for failing accessibility compliance.

All together this is a significant legal liability & financial risk for startups. But for the disabled? This means they’re simply shut out of huge swaths of our market, our society, and daily life.

At Ceemo, we’re determined to make accessibility easier & more cost-effective for founders, so we can build an economy where accessibility is standard & a broader world where the disabled are fully included throughout society. 

By creating your brand & marketing materials through Ceemo, you’ll be making a powerful statement & commitment to disability accessibility, acceptance, and inclusion. Our disabled founder thanks you for it! 

What if I already have some brand elements I like?

If you already have some brand elements you like, but perhaps you don't have a fully brand book, or maybe you aren't sure if they're WCAG/ADA compliant, that's okay, we can still help at Ceemo!

If you have existing brand elements you like, go ahead and take the Ceemo Brand Quiz! Be sure to select keywords that you feel best reflect how you want your customers to perceive you. When you get to the results page, think about how the fonts, colors & marketing kit blend with your existing brand elements. Once you've found something you like, click Save.

From there, send us an email at and let us know you'd like to have a Custom Design Consult! These quick 15 minute meetings are completely free. You can chat with our expert designers, we can review your existing brand, your brand quiz selections, and come up with a plan to blend the two. We'll prepare a proposal and we'll go from there!

If you decide to move forward, once we've combined everything to craft your perfect brand, our design team can input your custom colors into the backend so that you'll be able to generate every Ceemo asset with your new completed colors! (We're still working on custom logo integration, which should be available this summer!)

We hope that helped answer your question! But if you still have any concerns about incorporating existing branding into Ceemo, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our team will be more than happy to help.

What if I want a custom icon to go with my wordmark logo?

Ceemo Beta participants will have access to an array of exclusive one-on-one optional upgrades, including hands-on design services from the same team of experts who have created Ceemo! 

What other optional upgrades do you offer?

Ceemo Beta participants can access optional one-on-one support services, including:
- Custom logo icon design development.
- Pitch Story Consults, to perfect your pitch narrative.
- Pitch Feedback & Coaching Sessions.
- 2.5hr Pitch Deck Facelift session, where our experts help you craft your pitch narrative, implement your unique story, and craft visuals to go into your Ceemo pitch deck.
- Public Speaking Coaching.
All of these services are priced based on a standard hourly rate, which is then discounted exclusively for Beta founding members.

Do you offer bulk discounts for accelerators or universities to participate in the beta?

Yes, we do! Please reach out to our founder at to discuss your program's unique size and needs.

What is your refund policy?

If you have not yet completed your brand quiz, you're welcome to contact us for a full refund within 30 days. If you have already completed the brand quiz and generated your brand assets, we do not offer a refund at that point. But please feel free to reach out to us as we are happy to review that on a case by case basis. We do reserve the right to amend that policy going forward.

What happens if there's a service outage?

As a beta participant, we'll ask for your patience & understanding, as we too are a startup! There are bound to be occasional glitches during the beta development process. Of course we will always do our best to offer only the best quality service! But the occasional risk of glitches is part of why we're offering such a significant discount for your participation in the beta. We hope that'll offset any temporary frustration or issues that may arise from the software still being in beta.

What if I run into a technical problem?

You're always welcome to contact Support, or post a message in the Support channel on our Ceemo Galaxy Discord server!

Are you going to sell my data or startup details?

Generally speaking, no! In fact, once your Ceemo pitch deck has been generated and placed in your Google Drive, we no longer have any access to it. So when you start filling in your pitch content, for instance, no one at Ceemo is looking over your shoulder or downloading any details about your startup.
The only time we will see any details about your startup is if you agree to participate in one of our live events, like a live community pitch deck facelift session, or if you share details in our community discord server. Anything you share there, you should share with the understanding that it may become public. But Ceemo certainly won't be selling any of that information.
What data will we collect? Our main goal in building Ceemo is to demolish the statistic that less than 2% of all venture capital reaches underrepresented founders. To that end, we will be tracking some impact data to see if we're successfully increasing the odds of you securing funding or building a sucessful startup. Occasionaly we'll ask our beta participants if they've received any kind of investment, a loan, if you seen an increase in sales; that sort of thing. But your participation in that is always voluntary! That said, if any of your investment information is public record, e.g. on Crunchbase, we'll likely have access to that at some point.
We'll also be tracking basic website stuff, like usage rates, how many marketing materials are generated, which templates and design motifs are most popular, which recommendations are chosen most often, etc. But all of that is collected for the purposes of improving the site & the services we provide, all in furtherance of our underlying mission.
What data will we share/sell? Right now we do have plans to potentially share impact data with our partners at Crunchbase, because they're also heavily invested in our mission to advance equality in venture capital. We're also really excited about the opportunity to see what other ways data might be able to drive insights in branding, marketing, color theory, and overall streamlining/accelerating of the startup & venture capital process. We want to make startup life easier & more efficient for founders, so we're sure as Ceemo continues to grow, the data will offer exciting possibilities to accomplish that goal. We don't know yet what all those possibilities are, so we do reserve the right to explore them as they come up. But rest assured, we'll always be honest, transparent, and open about that through our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and most importantly, in all our dealings directly with you! We sincerely hope we'll earn your trust as a dedicated force for good in the startup ecosystem.
As always, you're welcome to explore our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. But we hope this less legalese explanation will set your mind at ease!

What if I have more questions?

You're always welcome to reach out to us via our Contact page, or directly at, or via our Ceemo Galaxy Discord server!

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon! Buh-bye for now!