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An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot, flying through space to deliver your new pitch deck!

Get Ceemo into your founders’ hands first

With Ceemo.ai, a simple personality quiz is all it takes to create a data-backed brand kit, complete with logo, color scheme, and open-source typography suite. In one click, your brand is automatically applied to a customizable pitch deck template, filled with all the advice, tips & tricks that have helped our pilot customers raise over $20 million in less than two years, which went to 100% underrepresented founders! Best of all, every brand & pitch deck Ceemo generates is fully WCAG & ADA compliant.

We’re looking to partner with like-minded startup ecosystem providers for our upcoming private beta launching in October, to get Ceemo into your founders’ hands first!

Keep reading to get all the details & schedule your own private demo!

An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot, flying through space to deliver your new pitch deck!
An adorable illustration of Ceemo the robot and his two dog friends, appearing on your desktop monitor, having a Zoom meeting with you!

Schedule Your Demo Today

Do you represent an accelerator, incubator, VC fund, or startup ecosystem provider? Do you struggle with getting all of your founders ready for Demo Days?

Would it make your life easier if Ceemo swept in & instantly took care of all your founders’ branding & pitch deck needs?

That’s precisely what we can do for you! Not only can we offer early access to our automated branding & pitching platform, but our team can also provide 1:1 coaching, entertaining workshops, and so much more. Click below to schedule a demo with our Founder, to see our platform in action & learn about how we can create a custom proposal to suit your program’s needs!

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Meet Ceemo

At Ceemo, a simple personality quiz is all it takes to generate a custom, data-backed brand kit for your startup, complete with:

  • A simple typographic logo
  • A full color scheme
  • An open-source font suite
  • A unique company identity

Your brand is created using our proprietary algorithms based on Crunchbase market data, psychology, and color theory. Best of all, every brand we generate is fully WCAG & ADA compliant!

The magic doesn’t stop there! Once your brand has been created, Ceemo automatically applies your fonts & colors to a suite of marketing material templates. We’re launching with Pitch Decks, but will soon be adding things like executive one-pagers, letterhead, business cards, social media templates, and more. Next year we’re also planning to expand to AI-generated pitch narratives, fully automated website & app design systems, and so much more.

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon! Buh-bye for now!